4 Strategies to Double Your Income Without Leaving Your Job

Introduction Of 4 Strategies to Double Your Income Without Leaving Your Job

4 Strategies to Double Your Income Without Leaving Your Job. To invest better you are in real income with real estate you earn 89 thousand dollars and spend five thousand nine thousand but I have it on a basis more or less than eight thousand so as not to do what they call most with the mental step because.

How much they have in savings 70,000

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I know that the good duck to more than eight thousand that is to say you have three thousand how much they have in savings 70,000 in how much time as something more than three years that you who have tax has decreased it is true and I propose to everyone that they set a savings goal than this then.

If you can make a thousand dollars two thousand 500 additional dollars you say well a little job that suddenly comes out one, what is the difference between a little job that suddenly comes out one or I'm going to propose to earn myself How much do you earn in a job one weekend is with those of which.

it may be 500 it may be 300 pesos depending on what came out there you are talking like a businessman you are talking like someone who is waiting for the sky to fall on him Well, it depends on what one learns English and knows how to nationalize, not my commitment and earn 500 dollars a month per week at the weekend with my extra jobs and for that.

You have to rest one day $ 500

I am going to search and I am going to promote myself with this, according to there is a right now there is an advantage people who can do jobs like you can earn very good money and more in cities like new york earn 500 dollars a week on the weekend it should not be difficult for you.

if possible and if possible it is real or you can do it, you can do it, you are going to do it, I am going to do it, then look at that if you commit to winning that I know you can do it, maybe by working one day at the end of the week. Ana is young because it could be useful but you have to rest one day $ 500 is two thousand dollars in addition to the budget.

This would mean that they would have five thousand dollars of savings, three thousand that are leftover, plus two thousand would be five thousand multiplied by twelve, that is 60 thousand dollars. that what took them three years to save would save them in terms of damage and that would change the life of the family of course.

There are banks that lend up to 70% of the people

Now there are banks that lend up to 70% of the people, sorry for breaking you this was the question asking I found some banks that I think these are what you refer to as second-floor banks and I went to find out there and they offered me a loan with my taxi, I say that they charge 5%, I wanted to know.

If that 5% was viable for a loan And if I begin your time for 20 years good and that for the one who creates an initial fee they ask you for 30 percent they charge me 3% as for the loan as there are two banks they are like offices what What did you understand with this trade? One office will run 1.5 and the other 9.5, as for making the initial loan, it is called that all banks charge.

What is called US points, point, a point is 1%, so if they tell me, I will charge you a point. say for every 100,000 dollars I discover one I discover a thousand dollars that mean a point so when I charge when I ask for a loan I must ask the banks to tell me what the costs of the loan are because sometimes when I go to see them.

The costs of the loan charge me 1 2 3 4 points

The costs of the loan charge me 1 2 3 4 points for that reason that normal 5% is that because those are because the United States that is a good interest in agreement but apart as a cost what you are saying is charging me 3% of but now our One hundred is for once at a time, of course, start well, that is fine, that is, if I company you, that's.

Why it seems to me that it is a good alternative then if you two focus with your wife on organizing finances to save then The goal is to save five thousand dollars a month and the five thousand dollars is the base because that will allow you to buy a property that is if it is at 20 or 30 percent, then maybe 200 thousand dollars that is difficult in new york but.

If the purchase were true, they can search the outskirts or they can do it for two years and buy about 240,000 true that two years to the very fast how long they have been in the USA we have been I have been emailing for two years and it takes me a little better I say I have many students who without having papers have achieved financial success, that is, the papers are also an apology, it is more difficult, I agree, it is much more difficult, but they can do it to invest better.

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