5 Habits To Be A Millionaire With What You Already Have

Introduction Of 5 Habits To Be A Millionaire With What You Already Have

5 Habits To Be A Millionaire With What You Already Have. We have this planet and they can help us to change life to achieve wealth, material wealth, to earn a lot of money, to have happiness, to have peace, to build a life. banks and with little good money but today we are going to talk about those resources that all people have because.

Who Is Very Rich With Wads Of Bills In His Pocket

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When I was 14 I thought very but that person is a lot Cho has his dad who is very rich with wads of bills in his pocket while I barely had enough to eat his beloved family when I saw that my family my mother could hardly visit him is because he worked very hard to get food and saw those houses so beautiful in the retreats also for the family.

I keep in my family where the tailor grabbed us gives you the problems the difficulties I promised myself that I would not make my life different because, in reality, everything we do in life that is worthwhile begins with a Better promise with a self-promise when I made that self- promise that I was going to change my life.

That my children were not going to live as I lived not because my father or mother were bad people because they, in turn, are the best that They could with the information circumstances that they had with what I knew but when I promised to help achieve a different life I remember that in the fifteen of the church I am a millionaire io the only thing that.

The First Is Time I See That People Who Achieve Results

I lack the money is like I had the certainty but more than the certainty the determination to change my life and this is going to talk about those five resources that helped me transform and that all people and all people have this planet The first is time I see that people who achieve results are their time different from people who do not achieve results people.

Who grow financially who create better relationships who grow professionally use their time differently perhaps instead of being with Friends enjoying themselves are studying, they are learning new things, they are watching as you videos that educate them, they may well, that is why they would like this, but books, meetings, conferences.

That seemed boring, but look at me, they weren't boring because really, but I did spend my youth doing the studying. I decided that learning was going to be an adventure as it has been in my life and continues to be because of the So I keep learning new things that is why I keep reading what I tell them, learning and meeting interesting people.

They Were Much More Intelligent

Who teaches me things, so how am I using my time? The first question is how am I wasting my time? I am sleeping more than I am with people who do not contribute to me. seeing things that are of no use to me that I like or watching podcasts reading books taking courses that I am doing with my time and that seems in the short term.

That does not make a big difference but I tell you because I saw many colleagues and colleagues and friends that their parents had much more money more resources that they were much more intelligent than I was their life was more organized than I was doing what I am telling you trying to use my time as best as possible and it was created a very subtle difference at the beginning was not seen.

But over time it was creating a different path the second of the course that all s the people we have is the strength the determination the capacity of the writer frank the famous logotherapist in the second war he said human beings cannot change many circumstances but we can change the attitude in these circumstances.

What I have the resources that I have around me

We can have the determination to do the best in every moment when I have decided that instead of feeling vicent that instead of staying in my thoughts in which he despised in which he invalidated what I am and likewise invalid what I have the resources that I have around me I am stopping using my strength to grow and I am using my strength to regret to feel again to waste my energy on things.

That is useless to grow but if I commit myself every day to do the best I can to overcome it, whatever I do, my thoughts are useless, I want to fight with the best of me in the headquarters at every moment maybe that difference will be bigger and bigger in my life and it is to decide change my life in every moment you can at this moment change your life and start with your thoughts for that moment.

I cannot I am not worthy in my life it is a Wednesday it is useless everything I have done has done it wrong it does not matter between more mistakes you have had more injuries you have had for the agent you tell me, Carlos, how development I knew I have the is that I have committed so many stupid things in my life that.

What you are doing with your strength

I already know what he does then that's why I do with my effort that what you are doing with your strength is the second resource that all people have the third is the attitude what is the attitude that I am having if I have an attitude in which I complicate myself with everything in which it turns any opportunity into a problem in.

I feed my fears in which I look at people with distrust in which I become a negative person because it will be very limited. After all, if I have an attitude in which I look for the best in which each thing, no matter how difficult it may be, I turn into a resource in which if my past instead of turning it into a burden I turn it into the treasure in which.

If instead of saying I come very poor because my family my father and my mother I don't know, that is to say, I can do everything because my family had nothing and I know that I am going to achieve what I can all that the poverty that I had helped me to be strong to be a resourceful person to be a person.

Who is capable of making many sacrifices

Who looks for things and who can achieve what he wants and who is capable of making many sacrifices and I have the attitude of seeking the best is going to be an incredible difference in my life so what is the attitude that I am having and I know if is it an attitude that fills me with enthusiasm that fills me with strength or is it an attitude that fills me with pessimism that fills me with doubt that fills me with fear.

That fills me with negative emotions I am knowing which of the attitudes I can take and I can change in an instant and say Before one of the Jesuit's butts, I said today nothing has changed, only my attitude, then everything has changed, another resource that we all have in intelligence, there are people.

Who has a greater intelligence for one thing and another for others, but all the other intelligence, as I know? that I have intelligence look at everything you have learned that I did not know before look at everything you have achieved that before you thought was impossible when you commit yourself intelligence is also a muscle that you develop and you feed it and enter more than well the capacity learn.

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