7 Passive Income Ideas - How I Earn € 4000 Per Month

Introduction Of 7 Passive Income Ideas - How I Earn € 4000 Per Month

7 Passive Income Ideas - How I Earn € 4000 Per Month. Start creating companies from a very young age I started creating online stores and making money thanks to online stores at the age of 17 in a month I will be 24 years old, therefore I have been earning for 7 years money online and that's where the money comes from that.

How Can I Make Money

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I have used for these investments that by the way speaking of online stores I have been thinking about it for a few days and I have decided that I am going to do crazy to celebrate Black Friday I am going to make a pack of all my courses and all my software and I will offer that pack at a 90% discount that honestly for everything.

That includes that pack the price will be a gift in the courses that the pack includes I will teach how to create an online store How can I make money thanks to an online store? The Black Friday discount will be available from Thursday to next Sunday which is basically from November 25 to November 28 and I will never repeat this more for those of you.

Who are interested and create more information I have created a telegram group that you have in the description of this video in which I will simply keep you informed of the park, let you know And when it comes out and it can be bought, I have decided to make this Black Friday pack because we are really growing a lot that.

The Issue Of Passive Income

I am super happy and in the end, I started with online stores and it is something that I want to share with you, having said this and returning to the topic of investments and going back to the issue of passive income, let's see how I have done to create a passive income salary that generates 4,694 euros every month.

What I am going to do is explain one of the investments and I will explain what investments it consists of and how much money is generated with that specific investment so that you know from which investments the money comes and then also one thing that I want to emphasize is that all this is passive income and when.

I refer to passive income I mean that the money that I earn or not doing anything or doing very very little but of course it is not correlated with my personal brand or with any other business the pr The first investment that generates income is the mining river, two videos already talking about it have had a brutal success and basically a mining rick to do it simply is a machine that.

That Is Generating Money For You The Passive Income

What it does is mine cryptocurrencies therefore it is a machine that generates cryptocurrencies and those cryptocurrencies are worth money, therefore, it is a machine that is generating money for you the passive income that I get thanks to my mining rick I get them in the crypt unit that I am mining which in my case is stereo for.

Therefore I am not earning euros but I am earning efe and one month maybe more euros and another month maybe fewer euros everything will depend on the price of laser yum then also one thing that must be taken into account for this investment is the expense energy because the mining brick is connected to the current 24/7 it does not stop working for a second, therefore.

It has a cost in electricity today my mining rick is gen It was 900 euros of net profit and subtracting the cost of electricity, therefore, I have an excel here and we are going to put here in investment Ricky you are going to put here and a monthly profit of 900 euros the next investment I have is a flat that I bought to rent it In boiling.

A flat aimed at people renting it to go skiing

I basically bought it here in Andorra next to the slopes to rent it in the well I saw that apartment today it is rented in er bien big game booking and it is a flat aimed at people renting it to go skiing but it really is rented all year round as it is a flat that is next to the ski parties it happened a bit as it happens in the flats that are on the edge of the beach.

There are a few months where you are going to earn much more money than other months Where are you going to earn less money, for example, the months of December, January, and February, are very good because it is the ski season and there are many people who come to Andorra who rent two apartments and in the end.

There are many more d Amanda and therefore the price rises but there are other months where there are not so many people who go to this type of flats therefore what I am going to tell you is an average of what is earned per month as I calculate this average calculation it that is earned per year and I divide it by 12 but there are months such as February.

A little mortgage the net profit that I get every month

Where I will earn five thousand euros in just one month and then there are other months where I will earn 500 euros, for example, guys around here we have a reserve of six Nights from January 2 to January 8, as I tell you, are very good dates because there will be snow, you can ski and we can see that the price of six nights is 1,531 euros.

It is a fairly high price but it is a flat that is literally one of the tracks and this apartment can be rented very expensive on certain dates but on other dates it will have to be rented much cheaper than also guys something important to understand is that I have bought this apartment with a mortgage.

Therefore every month touch pays a little mortgage the net profit that I get every month and when I refer to net profit I mean after having paid the mortgage in the community the light the heating at the end Scherer well well I have to pay all the benefit myself Average net income that I am getting every month is 250 euros and then also one thing that.

We are going to put 250 euros my next investment

I want to emphasize is that even though my net profit is 250 euros I am paying a mortgage therefore every month that passes that floor is a little more mine, therefore, we come here to excel we are going to put the BnB and we are going to put 250 euros my next investment is in one thousand two minutes it is a platform that allows you to invest in loans, basically.

What I do is that I invest my money and they lend that money to a lot of people who need money and then those people return the money with interest and the profitability of my money is there, it's worth guys we are here we see the money that I am invested and we see the profitability therefore what it generated per month is 378 euros for those.

Who does not know very in minutes, basically here in the portfolio are all the loans that I have made, I have made three thousand two hundred and forty different loans and I have assets to the Today and if we come here to the portfolio we can see what these loans are used for, we can see in which countries the money has been lent.

The next investment is an investment in the stock market

I have returned it a lot of countries in it is really very interesting and allows us to diversify the risk when it comes to lending in our money, therefore, we come here to excel we are going to put minutes and we are going to put 378 euros and the next investment is an investment in the stock market for those of you who know me, you already know.

That I like to invest directly in etfs of index funds, which is this basically you are investing in a lot of companies I don't like to just invest in one company or another company because I don't think I will be able to know what The company is going to go up or down and the analysts will know that and the people who are dedicated to the stock market will know it.

I do not dedicate myself to the stock market therefore I prefer to buy all the companies or a lot of companies and thus follow the market Therefore I invest in a company that is indexed to the world, basically I buy an etf and yes they have more than 9000 companies , therefore by investing there I am investing in more than 9000 companies around.

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