Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy Before 2022

Introduction Of Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy Before 2022

Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy Before 2022. The last chance to win these thousand dollars and tomorrow I will be the winner in my Instagram account that my Instagram account is adrián therefore last chance something guys that I think the vast majority of you understand but that I am obliged to say it and repeat it and this is not an investment recommendation.

How My Investment Portfolio Works

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What I am going to do is show you a portfolio of 'the coins that I have created and that I think will go up in the next few months or the next few years but In no case is it any type of investment recommendation, it is written currencies that I am going to show you now are part of my portfolio, but for you to understand.

This you have to understand how my investment portfolio works I have an investment portfolio where I invest in a lot of things from flats that he rented in the good I saw I also invest in the stock market I also invest in loans good in a lot of things and also obviously I invest in cryptocurrencies and the script or currencies represent 20 percent of my investment portfolio.

Because I am aware that it is an investment that has a lot of risks and that is why I dedicate 20% of my portfolio to it within my crypto portfolio coins I have two portfolios I have my main portfolio and then I have my portfolio of 'la with my main portfolio corresponds to 90 percent of my cryptocurrencies while my portfolio of' la coins.

The Cryptocurrencies What My Main Portfolio

Which is the portfolio that you just created represents 10 percent of the cryptocurrencies what my main portfolio is but it is a super conservative portfolio focused on the long term where I mainly invest in bitcoin and seriously while my portfolio of Alcoy there is no knowing that.

It has more diverse crypto ways that have the potential to go much higher but also have much more risk that is why I simply allocate a small percentage of my investment portfolio I am lucky that for me a small percentage is to invest 2,000 euros per cryptocurrency and I have achieved this thanks to this youtube channel and therefore for what I simply.

It remains to thank you and that has also been achieved since I have been creating online stores for 17 years and earning money online, which by the way for those of you who are interested in creating your online store following my methodology I will leave you in the description of this video the link to a free class in which.

That possibly increase their value

I explain how I do it will be filled with comments from people and being Adrian you have forgotten this cryptocurrency or this cryptocurrency is missing or things like that and surely you are right and the writing Unit that you put me in the comments are good cryptocurrencies.

That has a good project and that possibly increase their value but cannot invest in all of them I remove anything if after having analyzed all the al coins these seven are the ones that They have seemed more interesting and that I think they will go up more but that does not mean that I manage them so.

That you have them are bad cryptocurrencies look guys to simplify the world of cryptos we are going to say that there are three types of cryptocurrencies there is first all the bit and the stereo although it would be the first type of screamer since they are the cryptocurrencies that have been in the market for more years than.

We have the crypto ways of the top 100 of capitalization

They are more stable than they go up little by little but they will never make you one by ten or one percent or anything like that they will simply go up little by little after we have the crypto ways of the top 100 of capitalization this basically is the top 100 largest cryptocurrencies in the world and that there is more money invested in those crypto units.

That is how currency is written so they have the potential to make one by ten, therefore, multiply their value by 10 or even one by 100, and then we have the third type of written currencies that are the united crypto that is after the top 100 therefore if you have a list of the top and in cryptocurrencies then from the number 100 downwards.

It is written to currencies that could also be considered as hawks are cryptocurrencies that do have the potential to make you one per thousand one per 10,000 or do something crazy like that but obviously, they have a lot of risk in my case my alcoy portfolio I have not created it with the top 100 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization.

This Is Not An investment recommendation

I have not dared to go looking for fifth coins that are not in the top 100 because for me it is too much risk and I take advantage of emphasizing what I have said before this is not an investment recommendation I am simply sharing an investment that I have made that represents a very small percentage of my investment portfolio since it is a very high-risk investment, even.

So I believe that is written coins that I have bought have the potential to do one by two or by three or by four by five or even one by ten in the next few months or years, to be honest, I think they have the potential to get one by three in the next few months but just as they have the potential to do one by ten upwards, it also has the potential to do one by ten downwards.

That said and now we are going with the video first, I want to explain everything to you My strategy is that when I start to invest in anything I always have an entry and exit strategy so as not to improvise on the fly, therefore my strategy is the following my strategy has been to choose the top 7 cryptocurrencies.

They have potential and investing in each of them

That they fit more with my criteria and that I see that they have potential and investing in each of them two thousand euros today I do not plan to sell my alcoy portfolio, it is an investment focused on the long term and I really do not care what it can happen in the short term but that yes once I have made profits with my portfolio of 'the coins and sell misal coins that money will not go back to my bank account.

What I will do é with that money it will be reinvested in krypton for more stable ages such as bitcoin it can be yum and surely it is bitcoin you will also be wondering why I have decided to buy coins now and it is for two reasons the first reason is that the bitcoin It has risen again and has returned to hit historical highs and historically in the world of currencies when the bitcoin rises in a few months in a few weeks all the coins rise.

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