Domestic Employee From 0 To 8 Properties In 3 Years

Introduction Of Domestic Employee From 0 To 8 Properties In 3 Years

Domestic Employee From 0 To 8 Properties In 3 Years. How many years in you 60 years he just turned great good in feces And how we met through her sister-in-law now down with her sister-in-law there is an avenue that you had because we met I began to listen to her attitude and also my teacher.

Despite the salary that I earned

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Who in her sister-in-law because she is the one who, as I can say, can be like that guide that I have at the bottom that I listen to it but in your podcast, I also listen to what I listen to and it is when I listen to you that it says that anyone can get what they want and that anyone in need can be giving something cheap and that which.

I can take advantage of it to buy and then all those things because I was like saying no because I am going to do it or suddenly I listen to you but I want to put in practice what you are beginning to talk about what you are teaching in the podcast between I said no that I am going to start is to put into practice to see how I am going to see.

How true it is because I always like how to investigate or how to get to the point to see if this is true I can do it but that is where I go on any given day ' despite the salary that I earned when at that time and I earned 25 thousand pesos making steel in the apartment, doña Bibiana I want I time it was like 10 dollars is more or less so.

I looked at a lot with pleasure abandoned

I earned that was the day and finish the bollards so I paid for transportation to help in the house and it was there where I already started because looking at how I said I am going to put in practice and so once I left with that talk and I am not going to spend this money, I will look to see where I am going to find myself in the lot that don Carlos says or to get out of that house.

That don Carlos says that I can find it and that there may be a need Since he is going to give it to me cheaply, that's how I went to the Belisario side that was the first lot that I bought so I was going down the street and I looked at a lot with pleasure abandoned as no one puts it at hand. It was like a garbage can with a garbage boot so I asked the neighbors.

How much the hotel is worth, look not the one of so-and-so but then neither gm is there because that is why there is not even if but that I more, however, I remembered their Words that one should take advantage of the opportunities so I went and asked who the owner was I spoke with the owner told me.

The truth is that my wife is no longer

If you give me nine million one after another I will sell it to you because the truth is that my wife is no longer she died I was left alone my children are no longer here and well, I kind of have nothing else, I have no aspirations for him and I want to sell that lot because I have no money to build I did not have that money well.

I spoke with the lord and I told him well that h Oh, outside of that, the deeds of the deed had to be paid, they were worth 2 million pesos and that did correspond to me because he did not have a peso to do the deeds. After all, the lot was with protocolization but ready to get deeds I needed the million pesos.

I had one million pesos two million two million for welding and well then I arrived and told the man because I have two million pesos that I still did not have in my hands but then in my head they were in his hands. two million pesos because I'm going to work and I'm going to get these 500 anyway, but I'm going to get them and I'll still tell you, choose not that lot, no more than 9 million lots.

I don't have money but I'm already offering him 7 million

It's worth 7, and if you want 7, I'll give it like this. But I don't have money but I'm already offering him 7 million for the other so he said yes, but I don't have all that money in my hands, I have two million, you will see what we do if you receive these do s millions and put the figures correctly, how am I going to pay you?

I am working, I had a million, five hundred million and 500 that we had saved with my husband or buy anything that I could not suddenly buy myself a cow in the house but then I start to buy And here in Cali the pain is very expensive, which is very difficult for me, but then and with them, I told my husband, look what happens for health.

There the other problem because we expected that the government would give me a subsidy. husband or he gives the subsidy to me but if we appear with a purchase in our name when we were going to lose that benefit I for a year then we buy the hotel we put it in the name of my nephew and on top of that the man accepted did not receive.

The quota of 500 weekly per week despite

The two million gave me the quota of 500 weekly per week despite getting me three jobs that I spent with that it started to come out that my day was going out for 110 so then a question what that What I mean is that it was very hard for you to realize that you could get much more expensive than it would be to earn much more and that you could pay me 200 that.

I square 1500 a week and we started working like this now we put the hotel my nephew when we went already with the deeds and everything because that was his name was legally his name but thank God he gives us many things I do not know how to sell corn, but well there we have already sold it, why don't we buy 17 million to hesitate.

When I was 72 or I had to get to work As my husband told him, he placed me between the two of us, we paid it, but then what is a profit we sold it in 18 or he actually bought it 9 plus 27 newer Leonora double how long in 18 that was how he did not manage to spend a year on commands six months because.

A time for there that was worth 18 million

We went we cleaned them very nice we did not close with that green canvas and as advice was to build and without a red god to sell empanadas because the place was very beautiful I saw It could be possible if everything was sold but if not because of Mysore's problem, he does not sell it to us from the other but hey we already sold it and then.

We already had that talk they called me that there was a time for there that was worth 18 million and we immediately next 14 power and if she negotiates to see 14 she traveled and if not she does not heal without seeing it law and almost without seeing it, that is, I was already as if becoming one, not hard, a doubt that I said, well, it was me with the good measures.

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