Hyperinflation is Approaching in 2022 - How To Protect Yourself

Introduction of Hyperinflation is Approaching in 2022 How To Protect Yourself

HYPERINFLATION IS APPROACHING In 2022 How To Protect Yourself. Inflation or hyperinflation is coming, although we are not economists, we understand that this situation pandemic has led countries to print a lot of money or get into debt and create circulating currency, that is, money that is probably going to create very very large inflation and what is going to happen when there is inflation is that things go up in price and in reality, the money is worthless.

Find opportunities where everyone sees problems

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We work tools on how to achieve the financial peace safely with real estate and even without using the money many of the great fortunes have been made when people who are so educated have a certain sense. they make decisions that help them find opportunities where everyone sees problems we are going to talk about that crisis.

The crisis that many of us are already feeling in many ways and more besides feeling that crisis good job or sales problems or changes of rules in our businesses or our companies, what marks us the most about this crisis is the uncertainty is hearing all the problems and things that can happen at the level of the economy or the health level.

That we do not know how to handle and therefore both how to invest and what to do in this situation and it is something that I have really thought a lot about when I see the inflation rates in the United States where I live and in many of the Latin American countries well the first thing is not to do because.

There are many financial crises

When we started to open crisis and what we do is make emotional decisions then I'm going to sell this I'm going to give up my job down I am going to move country and we begin to make decisions that do not have to do with his life being family or financial.

But have to do more than everything with the anguish with the feeling that I am doing something even if it is something and I have not even thought about it. evaluated and I know this, the first thing that I am going to suggest is that you take a breath and realize that perhaps you have lived and there are many financial crises not only personal at the level of your country.

I for example in the 67 years that I have lived many crises many devaluations inflation personal bankruptcies security problems in Colombia violence and many taxes complications that have taken me to external places but what I have learned in all this time is that the worst thing you can do is react in the crisis and in Instead of focusing on my solution is to focus on the problems and focus on the things.

Which investing for me real estate is an incredible investment

That are not the way I want so you have already overcome many crises and we are going to wait it is for sure gold worse but the sun is going to rise again now we are going to talk about inflation in which investing for me real estate is an incredible investment because it is a great investment to invest in my real estate.

Because something gives me but it is Like investing in my real estate and right now there is so much crisis, so many bankrupt businesses and there are so many properties for sale, well because inflation, one of the only objects or things that maintains the price of money, is a real asset if we look at the real value of real estate.

In the United States from 1900 to date and some pictures show this, real estate has risen a lot, but in reality, rather than going up, what they have done is to maintain the value of money, so for me, there is nothing safer than real estate because if the Root days have their cycles but they rise again now.

I understand bitcoin and instead investing in real estate

There are we going to say well you have to invest in gold you have to invest in bitcoin you have to invest the action because p I think that real estate is a very good investment because most people do not know about stocks but I am investing in bitcoin and it has been good for me that it has been good for me because investing in bitcoin and it went up does not mean that.

I know of bitcoin and it does not mean that I understand bitcoin and instead investing in real estate anyone can understand it all I have to understand in my real estate is to buy a property that pays for itself that I can take a mortgage and the mortgage pay the rent that the tenant pays me and if I have a mortgage that the rent is paid by the tenant it means.

That my tenant is paying him the bank loan and is paying the interest, he is paying the expenses of the property and that property is It is valuing and it is leaving me money and what happens to the debt if I do not have a fixed interest on the money and that debt as money is devalued that debt will be worthless and less not only e because.

It is being paid month by month by the tenant

It is being paid month by month by the tenant but because if the money is worthless the debt is worthless while the property is going to be worth more and I don't have to be a financial genius to do that and the person can do that and what This is what happens with income over the years the value of money goes down and the rent goes up and the value of the property goes up so.

When you look at a property there would have been bought ten years ago fifteen years ago the value of money Probably the same has risen the price in dollars or your currency but in reality, the value of that dollar is the same as 15 or 20 years ago that is being maintained by that property now some say but how am.

I going to invest in the uncertainty of my country in political uncertainty well there is always political uncertainty there are some more than others and sometimes we say the good world is going to end I am from Colombia and in Colombia, we have seen drug trafficking the wars Illas that did not kidnap.

Bank failures in the economic crises

We have seen bank failures in the economic crises of such large devaluations and we have come forward again and again because life goes on and the human being is always a rule to leave it is not that the politically goes to face Until the world is over it is not over but what happens in Venezuela what happened in Venezuela happened in a period of 20 years so.

We have many things to do and I invite you to tell me that if you You commit, as we talked about in my book, a lemon a year not a year ago you can buy a property propose to buy a property a year and look at this time when there is a crisis there are many opportunities for you to invest your little money and turn it into a real estate that is going to be valued while the debt that you acquire is going to depreciate.

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