The 5 Worst Millionaire Mistakes

Introduction Of The 5 Worst Millionaire Mistakes

The 5 Worst Millionaire Mistakes. I am crazy about the house to focus on what I don't have instead of what I have the second very serious mistake and I still comment on it sometimes the number of useless dramas it creates and some of them horrible I remember in a book by Isabel Allende What is called yesterdays.

That fatal irreparable disease

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Currency is one of my favorite clues and she writes in this book that she was in Venezuela sitting in the hospital with her 25-year-old daughter named Paula and she had brain cancer and her brainwashed I was swelling and she sat for months to wait for her daughter to die, you can imagine because she had that fatal irreparable disease and she sat and wrote something as.

I remember so many moments that I lost in my life worrying about the anguish of life and death that never happened how many times I mistreated close people I ruined relationships or mandated relationships for dramas for important people because this was going to happen that did not even happen that nobody cared that It was only my drama.

How many times I put together exaggerations in my head that led me to suffer or torment myself, and today I look at myself how many times I have to be aware of not exaggerating in my head about not putting together the drama how many times it has alienated me from beings that They love me that they are giving me the best because.

How many moments in my life

I am feeding a drama that only has to do with me and there as I have to change my thinking to focus on what is there and focus on the good and the wonderful that there is in each moment in my life the third mistake is not to recognize my mistakes how many moments in my life.

I locked myself in my pride with my arrogance or in my hardness or my stubbornness and did not recognize mistakes does not recognize mistakes also means not asking for help not opening up to the opinion of others not open to learning from others to listen to what others have to tell me that it can help me to be much happier.

When it slows my growth and You unnecessarily for not recognizing my mistakes and the best thing is that when I recognize my mistakes as the madwoman of the house 'that is, you know your mistakes, others will move away, well in the short term, maybe yes, but when I recognize my mistakes, socially vulnerable.

The mistakes that I think I would now do differently

What happens is that people approach me, they value me and believe more in me that is one of the mistakes that I think I would now do differently I would be more aware and more open to being vulnerable number 4 not taking care of my relationships that are good for two million or the successes or the mentions.

If you are alone and for me, one of the most important aspects is that there were times when I made my goals more important than the relationship that at times was not enough and I do not say that I have that sacrifice my goals simply to take care of my relationships because that is another extreme is to build the balance between my progress and my relationships.

It is useless to progress if I do not or I take care of my relationships and something that I would do differently now is to be much more sensitive in taking care of those close people of my dramas as we said it to build solid relationships to build relationships with people that help me grow and become a better person and to be grateful to those.

It is nice or unfriendly Asia be it gross

Who have helped me get to where I am that is something that I would do now substantially differently some people will be with me whether it is rich whether it is poor whether it is nice or unfriendly Asia be it gross or intelligent some people have been with me in those moments and taking care of those people is important.

If it matters to take care of others it does matter to do it in a way that my environment my emotional ecology is built and the number 5 is not destroyed wasting too much time on my fears and insecurities fears are useful because fears like the dragon in the avatar that I can have but when I know.

A better person persona helps me to do things

It helps me to be a better person persona helps me to do things better but fear when I let it grow intimidates me paralyzes me and takes me away from my dreams I left saved dreams I left goals exposed because of fears that I did not confront because of information that I could easily have overcome that is why my students know me because I tell you.

It is always the best way to learn is to ask when I ask, I killed the fears because I bring new information, new paradigms, new ways of thinking, new ways, and new alternatives that help me think and realize that the only thing that keeps me away from achieving.

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