The Definitive Guide To Making Big Money Selling Real Estate

Introduction Of The Definitive Guide To Making Big Money Selling Real Estate

The Definitive Guide To Making Big Money Selling Real Estate. how to create the profession of real estate agent even if you do not yet have experience or knowledge or anything that will not only help you to earn money anywhere but also to get spectacular real estate deals one of the biggest millionaires that.

You can improve your ability to buy and sell real estate

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I know my real estate gives that recommendation become an agent even if you don't think about it this podcast will give you information on how you can improve your ability to buy and sell real estate and do business it will be spectacular to invest better you are in real income with real estate with Carlos weak and you are Real estate entrepreneur real estate investor was already had real estate companies.

They were already in the business but first with always with the idea of improving and improving and I was very struck by the issue that indeed one should be able to start generating their income because in the future they high with a pension then I began to hear weight says the course of real estate workshops and indeed.

I began to put into practice many of the teachings that they tell us and another directly from the people involved in the right course as an investor or as a real estate entrepreneur because there are that we have a wide variety of furniture for our clients and provide them with as much information as possible so that they can serve their minds.

Real Estate if my goal is not to do the business

After making a purchase decision, we began to work much harder on the whole issue of improving our goods, photos, videos, and characteristics of the furniture so that people will take it because it will help them make a decision that is the first step for us. It would be what I know that you also in what I listen to you is that your objective is to serve your client.

That when you took the program it also helped you understand as an investor so that they make a better decision and I love that vision that you have because I Sometimes they are the people who say ah I want to sell real estate but they think it is to call someone and offer them a true house and they forget all that context.

That you are planning to put to take good photos to find out if it is a good investment to be considerate of the person leave my goal is not to sell this house but my goal is to make a good long-term sale so that the client feels that this property that my agent chose for me and this serves for everything in real estate if my goal is not to do the business.

Real estate every day since they are delivering me

But to feel that the other does a good business as well and feel that I am earning my share of what interests me but I am also taking care to the other then that is what you did and right now we return to your company that seems fascinating to me but tell me how being an agent has helped you to be an investor because we fill in that I have several lessons that.

I learned in the course that I try to put them Into practice, one that seems very important is that of course I am in contact with real estate every day since they are delivering me but I already have a more critical look and indeed the issue is the way you want it and you even have to do the right numbers you have to look Indeed, not only in the emotional part.

That it seems cool to me but also in terms of administration, how much is paid during the day is already a sight From the most rational point of view because it is indeed an investment and I have to take advantage of it so much so the advantage of being involved in this business as a real estate agent is that.

The possibility of knowing the middle market purchases

They give us an account of many properties and effectively give you the possibility of knowing the middle market purchases possibility of making comparisons here the issue is a good purchase value because as that is high working with a value a good purchase value makes it possible to make the regulations or make the modifications provided for which is the best business.

That has passed through your hands and that you have taken it well let's say that in the case of us I have a great alliance with a construction company, the alliance has a very good relationship with a construction company and we always take us into account in investments and regarding the client issue because they had helped 20 nights that.

He was at his lots where the two north houses They are therefore the ugly duckling the game but who does not like anyone who actually does not have many possibilities and suddenly because oasis has a good location and you forget to make him realize and well that everything because I have to cancel my account consultants.

Become a real estate agent

Who are the ones who also serve clients of the possibilities that they have is to that property and effectively achieve an effective business because it is known that it was sold to a company that also wanted to have a kind of shopping center and it's then let's say that It is to that possibility of starting from the hotel and making small constructions.

Because they make it very interesting, very profitable for them and the minds for us too as I say 50 thousand times this is a business of numbers and relationships and relationships to build credibility to build long-term relationships and I have said a thousand times this also then of a friend who is Carlos yƩpez called.

Who lives in a stampede that has more than 1500 million dollars in assets in real estate and when I asked him what would you advise a person who is going to start from scratch with real estate what would you advise him to do and he said to become a real estate agent but why don't you do that as much or because they come in and out so fast?

I don't know there are myths about it many people believe that it is too easy and when they see that it is not so easy to use this is a business like you Mentally, you were saying the credibility business because one is also generating trust in the clients and that good relationship with the banks, with the other construction companies and with the clients, is forming in credibility.

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