The Economic Crisis of 2022 How to Prepare

Introduction Of The Economic Crisis of 2022 How to Prepare

The Economic Crisis of 2022 How to Prepare. what is going to come to a crisis a recession the worst financial situation itself that climate change is going to end the network that comes to another pandemic that is going to raise a candidate who is going to end the country that politicians continue to do atrocities?

Political crisis war crisis drug crisis economic crisis

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When I read the news although I have thoughts and I try to be positive it is difficult not to get overwhelmed it is difficult not to feel that intimidation because of that type of news that scares us that intimidates us and the question that I go to bed well there is going to be all this what I am going to do later of all that.

I have worked after all that he has done that is going to happen what is going to happen to me what is going to happen to my family what has happened to what I have achieved well in this video after thinking about it many I am going to talk about what it is my position and what I think about it especially because.

I have already gone through many crises in my country political crisis war crisis drug crisis economic crisis that I created that e I know that I have re-created degrees out of them but I am going to give you some of the keys that I have used and that today when I see these headlines who were very financially successful.

A more successful and more financially secure

I thought that I would always earn money and that since I had been able to get out of poverty, I had the ability to Possibly I always called the courtroom because of that, let's spend, he caught with him, from there I gave him that I get it, it doesn't matter if it doesn't work. But time passes I get tired more it's not so easy to do things I wanted to travel everywhere.

Now they gave us time passes and really at that moment I thought it was not necessary to think about the future even though I had already had my crises in everything That I have learned is from my life is to think that a crisis can come at any moment and in reality what I have learned as I become a more successful and more financially secure entrepreneur is that.

The people who have those financial levels like the ones I am having, think the same thing is how to be negative and positive at the same time that is to say I am positive because I know that I will do my best to get her out of the stadium but I am negative because I have to have the exit to think that it is the worst thing that can happen.

How easy is it to sell, how can I get this property

Because of that when I talk to my students about buying properties, you have to think about the exit strategy if I have to sell and How easy is it to sell, how can I get this property back then the first thing is if today the crisis comes for my life I am prepared for that and a question that I ask my students in coaching is if you and your partner are not.

Whether they had a job or could not work how long could they maintain the standard of living in your family and that is fundamental because that is the way it is but I abuse myself in how long do you have to go home how long do you have to sell your cars in how long you have to take the children out of school because that is the first thing.

I have to start thinking about is a financial crisis that can be individual because ultimately when I think about global crises and everything that can happen and in all the difficulties and the ultimate changes in the way they are going to touch me from the financial point of view if they don't kill me then I will no longer have anything to worry about is.

Which people go bankrupt more easily

How they will affect me ect financially and the way to see all the history in which people go bankrupt more easily is because they have a lot of debts that they cannot pay and they do not have the income to pay those debts or because they have expenses that they cannot support these are the people who most suffer financial crises so.

How can I prepare myself from now on to pay my debts to not have debts because debts make me vulnerable debts hit me with obligations that keep me there and especially debts that are not good real estate debts I have real estate people pay and true I have my reservations but well if nobody pays and the world makes gigs one thing that we will see.

What happens but to get their many steps can be reached before but the point is lead I pay first my debts the first ones pay my debts everything that are bad debts the second is that with what payments and debts I sell things that I am not using under my standard of living I do additional business work with creditors.

How to pay the dollar is another fundamental aspect

I decide to pay my king's I have several days of how to pay the dollar another fundamental aspect under my standard of living the more modest frugal my standard of living the easier it will be to maintain a situation within From a crisis then I can lower all the expenses that are excessive that in case of having a crisis a dramatic or unexpected change in my financial income.

Because I will not suffer so much because my expenses do not depend so much on high income but income that may be They are not so high parameters I adapt to my family no longer expect the crisis because one of the mistakes that I make more times instead of that I prepare I make the budget income expenses.

That there are many tables for that and adjusted a plan to lower my house but not I can lower my expenses for sure that we can all lower our expenses we can all earn expenses much more than we think because the last ascent is a thought and in life, most of us have had circumstances in which.

That is self-destructive

They have made us not even now life and we have to reduce expenses from one moment to another dramatically and we are adapting then why wait for life to do that to us if we can do it once on the other hand the work with my thoughts and my emotions is that the world is going to end today of the people when in the selection it is not that this country is going to end here.

Because our president and the people begin to sell their goods to quit those jobs, let's say and it's like when I was disappointed in my girlfriend and then I already spent everything and I quit my job today my life ended because my girlfriend doesn't love me. come another dawn another opportunity to come another couple goes.

So you die and exercise person that is life but the point is not to make emotional decisions so I can feel the fear I can feel the anger because ours please but because I am going to finish everything that I have won everything that I have worked with so much effort simply because of an emotion that is self-destructive now I am not saying to make decisions but how many times have we seen especially in our Latin countries.

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