The Ultimate Guide To Earning By Renting Offices

Introduction Of The Ultimate Guide To Earning By Renting Offices

The Ultimate Guide To Earning By Renting Offices. the office for an hour having a full-service office as if they were a first-class office for less than $ 30 a month is an incredible alternative for those who are starting their business or who for some reason cannot or do not want to work from their home.

Find The Term Coworking Is They Are Office Shared

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The coworking house is called how it works so that I can use it but also how it works as a possibility of an alternative business with real estate even without you being the owner of the property Mario who has that business is telling us how he did it and how it works this episode is full of juice enjoy it to invest better you are in real income with a real estate buy.

The devils Mario which is the term coworking what does that mean hi Carlos well yes look he is still with these new realities new means of work that have been seen to evolve has improved rapidly because we have to be very dynamic and find the term coworking is they are office Shared spaces in which self-employed teleworkers entrepreneurs meet to work.

Where space managers try to connect and create professional opportunities is a new way of interacting in a shared space because you have all the services of a smart premium office that you are going to have immediately by just paying a membership so it works a lot for people who are starting people who or companies.

Having An Office Overnight Is Extremely Complicated

That is looking for a place that has everything to be able to work and operate before the authority we are in Mexico City and all companies must be registered using a tax address which is the one requested by the author and sat so that they can start operations then obviously if.

Someone traditionally thinks having an office overnight is extremely complicated it is very expensive it does not exist but it is a person who starts with does not have that capital and not the time to first comply with all the requirements second accounting of what is the adequacy of the property so.

That it can be operated and it is both the interior design issue as well as the new issue that comes a lot, which is the issue of connectivity we also here we have those that are hardware kings are spaces with high speed where there are people of fintech technology of development Procter to express yourself they are developers of software and applications come to work because.

He Does Not Have An Office And Cannot Be Exact

They need a stable internet, that is, then a person He does not question that he cannot work at home for any reason that he does not have an office and cannot be exact because for whatever reason, then he has the possibility of having a space that he rents and that rent could be for months by hours or for how much time in the minimum.

That you lease looks with the theme of what is the new realities of the context of work and all These new options that are given in this very dynamic contest and also change the traditional schemes that we have through memberships flexible schemes where you have the option of saying I want to increase from a couple of hours half a day to a full day then.

They offer a desk A true space that can be private or an office can be a module of agreement these offer a computer that you can use from yourselves or take it they offer good internet connectivity they offer a room so that if I want I need to meet with people with several people they have privacy perfect and me and the flexibility.

A Person The Space To Have An Office

That I can be and you give a person the space to have an office that could cost him much more not only financially but also in responsibility that will take away resources for his business for whatever and It will generate work because you have to maintain the office, it is a job until you have someone to manage it.

Axis and all things so that is an opportunity for a group of people from then instead of if I can work in the internet cafe but some things do not work the same perfect ready that seems wonderful to me but now I also like what I want Our channel is for people who are investors in my three rules and who are looking for alternatives to invest, we are going to talk about.

The possibility of creating a con working, so what I want to ask you first, you are a franchise, you developed the concept on your own, not us We developed the concept for this account of our development, in fact, we bet a lot on development and that is part of our strength of how we develop it, we have a lot of experience immediately to know if.

It Sounds Interesting To Me

What we do is working or not then that It is the father and we also listen to some third-party services but we be careful to be able to be very well-founded by teams, it is essential not to be able to go out and compete with everything that they contracted all the offer that is in the perfect market so if someone wants that business.

It sounds interesting to me because especially the thousands now that it is not They want to buy what they do not want from a sale, as there is no need to own the spaces, you own the spaces, you rent it, he is Luis, a queen, you do not enter, you take a large space, what would be the minimum space to make a Viable coworking.

Which is we are in an area of 75 square meters and we have three private rooms a meeting room we have the dining room the bathroom a terrace the reception space and it is very well distributed and the key to this is a lot of lighting because obviously this will give you It makes you have a lot of savings that is the next step that we are very interested in how to do it, not only that.

Work in another place that was not the office

It will be beautiful but rather first than be efficient that they work perfectly is you have 75 meters which would be the right place that if you go for example to bogota or barcelona wow lima what characteristics should that place have? The corporate places that we visited 10 years ago, what happened is that mobility in it decreased and people learned.

That or understood that we could also work in another place that was not the office, so these places are designed for people who live close to the place where you want to go to work and it works for us in spaces of mixed land use that is that they have commercial premises below that have road points with high vehicular traffic that.

Keeping Us With 30% of their floor of the office entity

They have are close to or are connected to the entire transport network that exists in the present because in this way the property is scientifically determined what would be the minimum space in square meters that you think you would need for the business to be viable 175 100 70 meters we could work the different ones.

How much would it be then you are looking for that the building it does not matter that it is old that it is the new not preferably old that had been isolated of course for whom you are going to invest something new no no no to any rocket that our market is not the big ones in those great dinosaurs that existing in the interior headquarters must be.

Since they rented three floors of a building they are already keeping us with 30% of their floor of the office entity all the others still have it but they will not want other perfect places then for example a well located house would serve for a coworking an old well located house mister dante that here the important thing is not that this is also the structure is more than anything the permissions.

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