The Worst Mistake of Latino Immigrants with their Family

Introduction Of The Worst Mistake of Latino Immigrants with their Family

The Worst Mistake of Latino Immigrants with their Family. Many immigrants make incredible efforts to leave our country our families our friends to create a better life for ourselves and our close families, but today I am going to talk about five mistakes that I have seen very frequently in Latino immigrants.

Who has been an immigrant from the United States

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Who has been an immigrant from the United States for more than 20 years believe my children here I have worked with the Latino community for many years I have seen these mistakes how to achieve financial peace with good roots with little money and even without using money banks moving from one country to another is very difficult and after the illusion.

The enthusiasm the fear the surprise the discoveries and wear out the few savings and bore The few friends that we meet to start the life we want is a very difficult road in many surprises of many fears of many uncertainties but also of incredible possibilities one of the mistakes that I see in Latino immigrants.

When they start their life with their families is that Many times as they work a lot and begin to earn more money than they usually did, they feel that they have a responsibility to make their family happy, to make their family happy and there is a very good intention, I indeed want to share The fruit of my efforts and the fruit of my work, but.

What they receive for me the most important thing

When I feel that I have to make other people happy or I feel the responsibility to make others happy or I feel the duty to make others happy, I am taking away from other people the power or their ability to be happy and that is a simple example we see with the children when we mark them and when we give them everything even before that.

They have asked over time they end up becoming tyrants they begin to become ungrateful and the worst thing is that they begin to feel bitter because they do not value what they have and what they receive for me the most important thing is to teach people that we do that each one is responsible for his happiness the 2-year-old boy.

I can clown him he can give him the soup but only if he wants and if he does not want there is nothing he can change you can have a bad attitude and only change until when he is exhausted or until when he wants then if I take the responsibility of making others happy and obviously to do my best to be the best person with others to do my best to help when.

I remember long hours of work

I can and when it is within my limits to others that will help me improve my relationships but I am not responsible for anyone's happiness the 'number two' one of the things is that we find and m Many times the networks are exhausting physical work, exhausting.

The networks and they do not have their financial results, but we arrive home exhausted and many times we do not take the time to share with loved ones how many times in my own life I remember long hours of work but get to eat or share and although I had my body or in that place, I still had my head at work or in my concerns or is not even willing to make.

The effort to share and interact with others even with those close to me until when I began to Seeing that my children were distancing themselves from me and it was simply because I was not making the effort to relate to them, so I learned that the fact that I work I commit myself to be responsible with my family and it does not necessarily guarantee.

The economic effort is an effort the effort to build

That I am building and that I am taking care of my relationships of relationships with my partner my relationships with my children my relationships with my close ones the economic effort is an effort the effort to build relationships is another type of effort that is why we see parents retiring so often and then they are amazed that.

I dictated to my family but now everyone is with the mom and dad because many times with the good intention of working thinking that because I work is enough and we worry about building those relationships by spending quality time by asking people not only do we have to present how to be well good thanks to a series of powerful friends, how are you.

Because the ones that I want to communicate to people are not only checking in, checking in, and complying then It is I fulfill the money I fulfill with arriving with a little not doing this I fulfill a promotion but I am not getting involved committing myself to build that relationship with those people and later.

When we are in this immigrant process

I regret because things do not work and that is easy for us to happen when we are in this immigrant process because there are too many challenges and maybe we don't want to talk about all the problems we have had but ultimately what I could do is use my family to share to spend different moments to get rid of those overwhelming thoughts and be in another type connection.

That will allow me to enjoy the reason for my work because ultimately we work to enjoy the family we work so that there is a well-being in the family and that well-being is not only economic, but well-being has to do with time and energy that puts my relationship and also working with relationships means knowing how to overcome frustrations quickly Mind means forgiving knowing.

How to move forward when there are challenges as in any relationship number three is to give everything to the family or to give things or feelings of guilt it is as good as I work so much and as I am absent for so long well then I am going to give you this And it will compensate you with the best cell phone it will compensate you give.

A lot of closed messages the first message

Where that will start buying you this because it is a lot of closed messages the first message is that I have to feel guilty for being working and for being absent and I laugh at it. I better be absent because I am doing the best I can to bring that family forward, perhaps most of us would like to be at home resting and sharing but ultimately.

If I am absent and there are times in life when that happens, it is because I am doing the same. better the best effort so that things go ahead so it is not good to give that message that I have to give you because I was not with you because, if we go to the meaning of practical life, all that we parents have, we brothers and sisters have.

The life that we have is simply the perfect life to make the being that we are and if I assume the right attitude, everything I have in My life can be good for me for my future for the happiness of my step and the second reason why I do not give blame is that when I blame people, it does not value either, it is as if they are receiving compensation, it is not the result of my effort but it is as good.

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