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Introduction Of What Is The Best Investment in 2022 | Invest to Win

What Is The Best Investment in 2022 | Invest to Win? We have an expert in the new york stock market who is going to talk to us about the stock market and real estate the stock market of the major he is also a very successful mentor well known Tell us is it true that the world is going to end that.

The stock market was to have a fall

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The stock market was to have a fall and the crash of 29 everyone is going to laugh that I think you think you are good because thank you all for it tar here thanks Carlos for the invitation look I honestly think that the world is one of the economic cycles that the stock market like any other market has economic cycles and that after a big rise.

There will always be a big fall after a big fall there will always be a great rise now at moment we are watching this video in June 2021 that has been happening since August of the last year 2020 the market has been recovering in an impressive way that is, we have had new highs in the stock market every week it does not appear in any newspaper.

If it does not appear on any television channel is appears to be pure bad news because at the end that is what sells then I see that at this moment and you can see by the reality that the stock market is very very positive but the most interesting thing is what I see for the future because all the people in us were in quarantine.

What they begin to do to leave their countries

Some s they ally more others less but in the end, people were more or less at home today and many of them are already vaccinated even with the double vaccine and what they begin to do to leave their countries here I have an example the Mr. Carlos de has already left his country but like him, many people are also going on vacation from the US and are spending.

They are spending again remember one thing a fearful mind does not spend but a more relaxed environment and with a better future because it spends more So what I expect in the next 12 or 24 months is an increase in people's spending, what will make them consume more products, what will inevitably make the stock in the New York Stock Exchange.

How to reflect that and follow that Upward direction I see that there are very good times coming on the web what is the difference Javier between an investor and a bettor wow I see that there are many differences because the bettor I think it is more for adrenaline goes for profit because obviously, they like to win but even.

The adrenaline of the moment an investor

When they lose they say knot but that night it was good because I managed to put this together later I lost it but it does not matter tomorrow it will be different then plus the adrenaline of the moment an investor It is not so like that it goes more for the number more for the result less for the dre, not the exact strategy because.

It has a strategy behind it I even tell my students if you come to this topic to invest in the stock market for better adrenaline go to a casino give them money if you like adrenaline go cheaper and cheaper see if a roller coaster of 20 turns and back and you sit because trading in the stock market has to be boring it has to be programmatic.

It has to Be you, you come in here, you come out here at the moment when, above the valley not of energy full of emotional charge, you are giving a lot of part to the emotions and the emotions are very good in first communions birthdays and others but they are terrible investment advisers the emotions are out in it is good.

The first steps for people who want to invest

Which of the first steps for people who want to invest in water and I tell you like this there is a formula that I call the ap formula and to learn what one does well the water that is to learn if one has no idea if one has never really done it it will be very very easy to make mistakes after one has learned an approved technique a technique.

That really has results there comes the practice of and the practice can be done for example in a demo account in a simulator without putting even a single dollar without risking anything and then only after learning and only after practicing there if I tell people to invest money real person who opens an account with a broker hopefully.

He is in the USA that is serious that he has many years of experience and there if he invests real money and I say it because I learned and I did all this, on the contrary, I first put in money, I was wrong, I said oops, I don't have to practice another little bit and only until the end and with having lost a lot of money, I said no.

Mistakes learning to practice investing is much better

What I have is to learn, so it's not worth learning from my mistakes learning to practice investing is much better and education of course learning comes from education today with all these internet topics there are audio courses video courses, or podcasts coaching there are thousands of ways to educate yourself before an old man but I live in this Little town no, but.

It's because the university is far away for me today, and that's what it's sent to pick up like among all the crap that the internet has because there is a lot of trash. After all, it's true, it's how to find what is valuable to form the bag. a golden test is to choose someone who does what he says because I have met very good people.

Professors, very good professors from very good universities, without saying a name. It is not at all that they know the whole theory of the z of the ball but one asks them to listen and you invest, no, it is not that to me that seems dangerous but the kind of capital markets, yes but since 19 years ago well no I know for so much then I believe that it is someone.

You invest in real-life love the issue of the duality of the investment

Who has results and if you want to go one step further than that person's students have results because there are people who do very well for them but if they are not able to communicate that knowledge well Well, it is a problem so I always look for people who know that they do what they say and that their students also have resulted because.

That way I make sure that he knows and also that he knows how to deliver that knowledge and that they know how to take advantage of them, we are friends and also I know that you are a investor in real estate because you invest in real-life love the issue of the duality of the investment of the stock market with real estate and the fundamental reason is that I find that one has ventures. Well, not, for example, I love the stock market because then stock market I can quickly enter and exit the stock market.

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